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A Significant Lack Of Historical Awareness At The Sun

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The B-Sun beat writer who wrote this about the Harrison twins: "In two days, the most high-profile recruitment in Maryland basketball history will be over" - must be ignorant or under 25 or possibly both. It's nowhere close to that. By our count, it's at best fourth. You can rank these however you'd like, but each one was huge, involved the top players in each class and caused a lot of controversy:

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1) Moses Malone. If he had followed through, Maryland would have been sent into a higher orbit. Instead, he chose the ABA. Heartbreak City for Lefty Driesell and John Lucas, who would have been an NCAA champ.

2) Tom McMillen. Maryland got into an ugly battle with UNC for McMillen, who at the time was seen as a monster talent, the top kid in his class.

3) Albert King. The prize of 1977, it turned out, was Magic Johnson, but at the time, everyone was pushing for King, and the recruiting battle got absolutely frenzied. It was like nothing we've ever seen. Poor King, who like his parents wasn't even that crazy about basketball, was pushed and manipulated to a ridiculous extent and was smart enough to understand that a lot of people were fighting to take advantage of him. As it turned out, he saw basketball as a chance to get enough capital to do what he really wanted to do, namely, to franchise fast food restaurants.

What's happening with the Harrisons is small potatoes compared to these epic battles.

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