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ACC Roundup

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For a lot of aspiring athletes, probably most, there are moments spent fantasizing about late-game dramatics. Coach K talked about this in one of his books, about hitting the winning shot, and then replaying it until he got it right and the crowd goes wild.

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For most of us, it's a complete fantasy. For UNC's Gio Bernard, it's going to be one of the great memories of his life, no matter how long it ultimately happens to be.

Bernard,with the score tied and just 13 seconds left in UNC's grudge match with State, caught a punt and ran it back 74 yards to win the game.

Even better, he saw the play that was being called and more or less forced his way onto the field for the heroics. Lucky guy.

Bad news for Wisconsin may be good news for Virginia: the Badgers lost their point guard for the year with an ACL. This improves (we think) UVa's chances in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. They do need to sort out their own point guard issues though

It had escaped us until today but this means that Tony Bennett goes up against his dad's old school and for that matter, a school where he was an assistant.

Speaking of UVa, the Charlottesville Daily Progress has a Virginia preview posted.

Predictably, some Maryland partisans - in this case a B-Sun columnist - think that Dez Wells is getting a raw deal from the NCAA. But he's not, really.

Whatever happened at Xavier is immaterial. He applied to transfer, did transfer, and is not entitled to a waiver simply because Xavier expelled him, no matter how unfair it may seem.

The waiver, theoretically, applies to hardship exceptions, like illnesses in the family and the like. Nothing about the kid's situation is remotely like that.

As we said before: he attended a religious university and was expelled after being embroiled in a sexual situation. That he was innocent and unfairly charged in no way means that the university, as a Catholic school, can't enforce its own moral code. Same for BYU or Baylor: their school, their rules.