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ACC Roundup!

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Exhibition season is underway and UNC opened with Shaw, who gave them a bit more than they may have expected, holding the lead six minutes into the second half.

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Not surprisingly, UNC went on a 23-0 run and won. But they had to work for it. Not surprising for a team which lost four starters, really.

Joel James had an impressive debut for the Heels with 13 points and seven boards.

Here are a couple of Maryland updates, coming and going: first, Dez Wells will not play for the Terps this year. The Xavier transfer's appeal for a transfer waiver was rejected. Same for Ashton Pankey, who left Maryland for a Manhattan transfer.

Virginia is really going through point guards at an extraordinary speed. Latest casualty: freshman Teven Jones, suspended for two closed scrimmages and the season opener with George Mason.

It's a big day in the Triangle as State and UNC tangle on the football field. State has dominated the rivalry of late, and UNC, coming off of a loss to Duke, is in no mood to trifle.

However, as always lately, there are distractions for UNC: Friday's document dump tells us that Robert Quinn got $5,000 dollars worth of free jewelry from a jeweler and various benefits from some motley, mysterious characters.

UNC appealed and tried to get him back in action, but the NCAA ultimately banned him for lying about his situation, calling it "unethical."

The next installment - this is insane, they should just get it over with - is Monday next.