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Blue Healers Back For Another Year Of Auctions!

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We're pleased to announce that, starting today, the Blue Healers Auctions are back in business. We've worked with them on auctions for the last several years, and they're really good people.

"Thanks a lot! The guide looks fantastic! I am really excited to dig in."
Rick W

"Wow, huge piece of work! Congratulations. You guys never fail to provide the best a fan could ask for." Bill C.
Get yours today!

DBR Auctions!
New T-Shirts!
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All auction proceeds will once again benefit Medical Ministry International, an inter-denomination Christian mission organization which seeks to provide health care to people in need throughout the world.

MMI provides health care to the poor through short-term (one and two week) mission projects staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses, and other caring individuals who pay their own way (usually around $1500) to go serve the world's poor.

MMI has provided for as many as 71 such projects in a single year, and has projects in countries throughout Africa, Asia, North America (Mexico), South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. MMI has also established 14 permanent health care facilities serving the poor in nine different countries, and has a goal of eventually establishing 500 such permanent centers.

The first auction for this season is up and actually closes Friday at 11 p.m. It's for a pair of tickets to see Winston-Salem State in Cameron on November 1st. All auctions are for a pair of tickets in Section 11, Row F.

The BlueHealers site will continue to host auctions benefitting other charities through the DBR auction page.