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ACC Roundup

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This could be painful: the FSU basketball team is going to sing - publicly - at the Spear-It Night 2012. They'll be singing the FSU alma mater, “High O’er Towering Pines”.

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You never know - Wayman Tisdale turned out to be a superbly talented musician and made a bigger mark there than he did in basketball, and what he accomplished on the court was impressive. But we're not holding our breath for greatness here.

A guy you might want to keep an eye on this season is Maryland's Nick Faust. He had a slow start as a rookie but came on later in the year. As a sophomore, he just might be a revelation.

Another guy you should keep a close eye on is Virginia's Justin Anderson. It's hard to base a lot on comments in the Post, but this is a kid who seems strikingly mature. Sounds like a keeper.

Virginia will need a lot from their freshmen. Anderson is just the most likely guy to step up.