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33-30 Over UNC, Winning Season Assured & Bowl Eligible: A Pretty Good Saturday Night

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Quite a game in Durham Saturday as Duke becomes bowl-eligible (with four games to go no less) after beating UNC 33-30 in a very tight, drama-filled finish.

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Duke was up early 19-6 but UNC roared back and scored 20 in the fourth quarter.

With about 3:30 left in the second half, Eric Highsmight caught a pass over the middle for UNC only to fumble. The ball was picked up by Gio Bernard, who took it the last 10 yards for a touchdown.: 30-26, UNC.

At this point, no doubt a lot of fans felt like Duke football was hitting the classic tragic notes and getting ready to lose.

Not quite: with just 19 seconds left, Sean Renfree had marched the team downfield to about the five yardline. On 4th and 2, out of the shotgun, he found Jamison Crowder,  for the touchdown and the win, 33-30.

So now Duke has a winning season, an almost-certain bowl bid, and a great deal more credibility than they've had in a long time. Did we mention Duke is first in the Coastal Division?

It took longer than David Cutcliffe thought it would, but he has put together a real football team at Duke University.

The final four games won't be easy though. Next up is a trip to Tallahassee, followed by Clemson at home, with a trip to Atlanta preceding the finale in Wally Wade with Miami.

It won't be easy, but this team is growing up. We wouldn't rule anything out.