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A Pitino Parting Shot

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We weren't necessarily crazy about the latest round of ACC  expansion, although it will help basketball. Whatever we think or feel, though, is dwarfed by the confusion and anger Rick Pitino has been going through.

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A few months ago, Louisville was hiking its skirt, desperately flirting with the Big 12, which took little notice. After that, Pitino declared endless loyalty to the Big East, a somewhat hysteric determination which led to a dust-up with the departing Jim Boeheim, ending with each calling the other “full of s**t.”

Syracuse's farewell tour should be fun to watch. Here's a thought: when they visit Pitt on February 2nd, do you suppose the fans will chant "ACC! ACC! ACC!"

By the way, the picture in this article is a shot of Rick Pitino doing his very best impression of Benito Mussolini exhorting the Roman crowds.