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Coaches Pick State First; Duke Second

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No great surprise here, but ACC coaches have picked State first and Rodney Purvis as the next Rookie Of The Year.  We think that's too high for one simple reason: DeShawn Painter has left the team. If he were still around, he could bail out Richard Howell and CJ Leslie when they get in foul trouble. As you'll learn when you read Barry Jacobs' Fan's Guide To NC State Basketball,  Richard Howell thinks his fouls happen because he reaches too much, thinking his hands are quick enough to get away with it. So far, anyway, the officials respectfully dissent.

Unless both Howell and Leslie learn discretion, late game situations are going to prove challenging.

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Duke is picked second, UNC third, Miami and FSU fourth and fifth respectively, then Maryland, Virginia and Clemson at 6-8, Georgia Tech #9, Virginia Tech #10 and Wake Forest and BC tied at #12.