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Fan Guides Are Here!

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We're really excited to announce that all three Fan's Guides - NC State, Carolina and Duke - are live and available for download through For those of you who remember the original, these of course feature the insightful, meticulous work of Barry Jacobs, who has only gotten better since the last time Barry Jacobs' Fan's Guide was published.

But now we also add the stellar work of writers like Al Featherston, Ron Morris, Art Chansky and Tim Peeler among others.

There is a ton of analysis and great discussion about the upcoming conference race, the changing face of college basketball, and who might try to knock Duke and UNC from the mountaintop.

We hugely appreciate everyone who has already ordered and look forward to hearing your comments on it. You can download now - feed your id! And then feed your ego when you know more about the three Triangle dynamos than anyone else...unless they bought it too.

In which case you can both elevate your arguments.

Hit the links below to get your own. Thanks again!

Incidentally, if you should be getting one via our recent fundraiser, you should be getting some mail today (don't forget to check your spam filter).  If there are any problems, please let us know as soon as you can and we'll help you to resolve them.

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