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A Top 20 Recruiting List

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Here's's Top 20 recruits. Andrew Wiggins is everyone's pick for #1, regardless of class. Jabari Parker is #2 here, Julius Randle #3 and the Harrison twins #4 and #5.

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It's unlikely, but they could all end up in the ACC: Wiggins at FSU (he's said to favor Kentucky, Parker could end up at Duke, Randle could pick Duke or UNC, and the Harrisons are said to be choosing between Maryland and Kentucky.

UNC-bound Isaiah Hicks (#12)  is UNC-bound, while  Anthony Barber (State commitment) is #17.

Also, Noah Vonleh (#7) has Duke and UNC on his list.

As you may have noticed from time to time, we don't think much of player rankings. Still, all these guys are talented, and it could end up being a major recruiting stretch for the ACC.

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