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Sendek Boots Leading Scorer

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When Herb Sendek arrived in Tempe, folks were thrilled: they had persuaded a coach from a major conference - the ACC no less - to decamp to the desert and lead the Sun Devils.

Lately, though, things have not gone so well for Sendek and Arizona State.

After the weekend trip to L.A., Sendek came home to Tempe and announced that he was kicking leading scorer Keala King off the team.

Whatever is at the heart of his suspension, Sendek apparently decided enough was enough. It's somewhat reminiscent of his decision to tell Damien Wilkins to take a hike.

After a rocky first season, Sendek won 21, 25 and 22 games at ASU. This year? So far, he's 5-10.

We don't think Sendek is a petty man, but it must be frustrating to see his former assistant Sean Miller thriving just down the road at Arizona, former player,  assistant and Sean's younger brother Archie doing a great job at Dayton,  much less former Duke assistant Johnny Dawkins turning it around at Stanford.

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