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K On Defense, Pride

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After Saturday's less than ideal victory over St. John's, you might say the K in Coach K stood for Kombative - with his own team.

He's eased off a bit, according to this article in the N&O, but anyone who mistook what he said Saturday -
"In order to be like really good, you have to be different. There is only one champion.  There’s only a few programs that separate themselves, so you can’t do what normal people do.  You have to do something better and at that point I would have liked my team to execute and fight.  We let up and they didn’t.  I wanna win and I wanna win by playing great basketball, and to me it was like a loss, I didn’t like today. And if my team doesn’t like today then we’ll get better.  If my team is okay with today we’re gonna fight.  I’m not gonna change on this" - has probably realized his mistake by now.

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