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ACC Roundup

In most conferences, the most interesting games are usually the ones involving the top teams. They still are in the ACC, but often the most compelling games are between teams jockeying for position or trying to keep their seasons from falling apart.

Saturday's ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Virginia Tech @ Maryland 2:30 PM ACC Network
Virginia @ NC State 8:00 PM ESPN2
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 5-1 .833 17-3 .850
Florida State 5-1 .833 14-6 .700
North Carolina 4-1 .800 17-3 .850
NC State 4-2 .667 15-6 .714
Virginia 3-2 .600 16-3 .842
Maryland 2-3 .400 12-7 .632
Miami 2-3 .400 11-7 .611
Clemson 2-3 .400 10-9 .526
Wake Forest 2-4 .333 11-9 .550
Boston College 2-4 .333 7-13 .350
Virginia Tech 1-4 .200 12-8 .600
Georgia Tech 1-5 .167 8-12 .400

That's the case for both games on Saturday: Virginia Tech is in a deep hole, while Maryland is trying to improve on a poor hand. Before the ACC season started, the Hokies were a good bet for an NCAA bid. If they manage to get one now, it'll be a major surprise and they have to win the games they should.
Maryland is one of those opportunities.  Blow it and there's almost no way to get there. Alex Len, injured in mind and body, may come off the bench against Tech.

State and Virginia, meanwhile, both have strong tournament hopes but both have recent losses.  They're slugging it out for third, although Duke, Florida State and UNC all have just won loss, so realistically, push them down another peg.