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ACC Roundup

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Although Wake Forest gave Florida State a good first half, there are two halves in every game, and the 'Noles steamrolled Wake in the second with an 18-2 run before winning 75-52.

Thursday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
NC State @ North Carolina 7:00 PM ESPN
Boston College @ Virginia 9:00 PM ESPNU
Wednesday's Results
  • Florida State 75, Wake Forest 52
  • BYU 70, Virginia Tech 68
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 5-1 .833 17-3 .850
Florida State 5-1 .833 14-6 .700
NC State 4-1 .800 15-5 .750
North Carolina 3-1 .750 16-3 .842
Virginia 2-2 .500 15-3 .833
Maryland 2-3 .400 12-7 .632
Miami 2-3 .400 11-7 .611
Clemson 2-3 .400 10-9 .526
Boston College 2-3 .400 7-12 .368
Wake Forest 2-4 .333 11-9 .550
Virginia Tech 1-4 .200 12-8 .600
Georgia Tech 1-5 .167 8-12 .400

Florida State held the Deacs to 35% from the floor but they threw a wicked net over Travis McKie, holding the talented forward to just 1-13 and three points. CJ Harris had 16, Nikita Mescheriakov had 13 and Tony Chennault 11.  That was about it for Wake Forest. They were pretty thoroughly outplayed.

In the night's other game, as Virginia Tech continues to try to master scheduling calculus, the game against BYU was supposed to be tough but winnable.

Right on the first count, wrong on the second: the Cougars won a taut match at Virginia Tech when Brock Zylstra nailed a three with 26 seconds left to put BYU up by three. The rest was academic.

Virginia Tech is 12-8, or in more basic terms, firmly in NIT territory.

To date, they've lost non-conference games to Syracuse, Minnesota and K-State and now BYU, while beating Oklahoma State twice.  The losses were all competitive, but they did lose them.

And the losses to Wake Forest and BC are bound to hurt.

They could still win 20 games if things break their way, but that's not necessarily good enough to get a bid.

On Thursday night, things are backwards: the 9:00 game should be the warm-up. A whole lot of people are likely to turn their TVs off after the State-Carolina game and won't have much interest in Virginia-BC.

It could be fun: the teams have radically different styles and something has to give. But if State and UNC live up to what it could be, no one will much care.

Here's the thing about this game: UNC is vulnerable, more so without Dexter Strickland, and State knows it. The Pack is on the rise and the Heels know it, too. A share of first place is on the line, and that just adds to the spice.

For the first time in a really long time, this game means something and has some risk for both parties.

It's been a long time since the ACC had State as a serious factor.

Not for Ol' Roy though. UNC's head man explains here why he so dislikes State, pointing across his lifetime to some school chums who went to State and teased him about UNC.

Huh. Thousands and thousands of people have had similar reactions to UNC fans, now that we think about it.

Speaking of UNC, to help her players focus, she says, Sylvia Hatchell has banned Twitter.

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