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ACC Roundup

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Georgia Tech continues to struggle offensively,scoring just 49 against Miami and shooting just 35.7% and falls to 8-12.

Wednesday's ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Florida State @ Wake Forest 7:00 PM RSN
BYU @ Virginia Tech 7:00 PM ESPN3
Tuesday's Results
Miami 64, Georgia Tech 49
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 4-1 .800 16-3 .842
NC State 4-1 .800 15-5 .750
Florida State 4-1 .800 13-6 .684
North Carolina 3-1 .750 16-3 .842
Virginia 2-2 .500 15-3 .833
Maryland 2-2 .500 12-6 .667
Miami 2-3 .400 11-7 .611
Wake Forest 2-3 .400 11-8 .579
Clemson 2-3 .400 10-9 .526
Boston College 2-3 .400 7-12 .368
Virginia Tech 1-4 .200 12-7 .632
Georgia Tech 1-5 .167 8-12 .400

It's a long way from their superb performance against Duke: against the Devils, Tech managed 74 points.  In their last seven though, Duke aside, they've put up 48, 71 in a win over State, 50, 38, 62 and 49.

State's their only win since December 22nd. Coming up next are UNC and Florida State.  Neither one's a likely win.

For Miami, Kenny Kadji continues to play well, putting up 21.  Malcolm Grant added 16.

Reggie Johnson continues his unfortunate pattern of heavy fouls: since returning to action, he had three fouls against Florida Atlantic and two against Charlotte.

Since then, he's had four in every game save Virginia. It's limited him to 25 minutes per game.

Up the road, Virginia Tech's improved non-conference schedule was intended to help them make an NCAA run. That part worked out reasonably well; it's the ACC games that have killed them. Tech returns to non-conference action with BYU in town. That's a tough team and a well-coached one.  It won't be an easy game.

Neither will Wake's matchup with a suddenly resurgent Florida State.  We can't really see a path for the Deacs unless they simultaneously get very hot from outside and the 'Noles just can't hang on to the ball, which has been a big weakness this season.

Otherwise, no:  it's not happening.

Speaking of BYU, that was an early choice for UNC's Stilman White before he got an offer from UNC to be, essentially, a one-year insurance policy for Kendall Marshall before Stillman takes his two-year Mormon mission.

With Dexter Strickland's injury, he's suddenly critical.

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