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Moving On From Florida State

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While Duke lost to FSU, the reaction from Coach K is focused not on losing but on effort and performance: the effort is there, but the performance wasn't what he wanted.

It'll get better.

Also, he had this to say about Quinn Cook's status:

"He was sick during the week. Young guys, especially, they can get knocked back real quick. They are not accustomed to the grind of game after game week after week.

"He was not able to practice at the level he had been practicing at. Hopefully, he’ll be more healthy this week and more of a factor."

Also, his knee injury was a bruise, not a serious problem as he has been getting over this season.

Also worth noting: Duke's other freshman guard, Austin Rivers, was named Rookie of the Week by the ACC on Monday. It's his fourth time to be so honored.

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