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K On The Cavs

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Coach K talked Monday about Virginia and called their defense "beautiful."  It's not our favorite way to play it, and we don't really care for their offense at all, but it's a winning combination.  We suggested several weeks ago that UVa was likely to come into Cameron at 14-1 and they will.  It's potentially a program defining game for the Cavs.

And while the scores since Bennett arrived have certainly favored Duke, with the Devils winning in 2009-10 by 57-46 and in 2010-11 by 76-60 and 56-41, we were struck at the time by how hard Duke had to work to overcome the 'Hoos.  Even with disparate talent, their system caused Duke's system trouble. Duke won them, but we remember thinking at the time that they were going to be closer than they looked.

In other words, don't think for a minute that this game is a sure thing: it is anything but.

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