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Todd Bozeman Update: The Boss Awaits

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Todd Bozeman, currently suspended by Morgan State while they investigate allegations that he punched one of his own players, is back home waiting for a Wednesday morning meeting with his A.D., Floyd Kerr.

Bozeman's lawyer has necessarily become involved and when you read the information available, without pictures or video, there's a reasonable case for his innocence.

As if often the case in situations like this, in light of Bozeman's season to date (3-11 including a seven game losing streak), if Kerr is thinking of making a change, he may seize on this as a pretext to fire Bozeman.

We aren't enamored with Bozeman, a guy who cheated wildly at Cal, but that would hardly seem fair based on his record at Morgan State: he's 102-65 coming into the season and has averaged 20.4 wins a year. That's not easy at Morgan State.

Whatever happens to him should be strictly based on the incident. If it was an overreaction to  contact as Larry Bastfield, the player in question says, well, it would still depend on what the A.D. thinks and prior history and such. You may remember that he was accused of assaulting a waitress a few years back.

By the way, Morgan State's greatest player was Marvin Webster, aka the Human Eraser.

We looked him up to see what he was up to, and were sad to learn that the big man died in 2009, which we somehow missed, alone in a Tulsa hotel, apparently of heart disease.

Even more tragically,  his son, Marvin Jr., had signed to play at Temple but died at 19, also of heart disease.

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