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How To Crank A Rivalry Up Another Notch

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Well this ought to juice things up on some level: John Calipari took a crack at Coach K Thursday, saying that “[y]ou’ve got coaches being fired over phone calls and text messages. Some. Other guys can make phone calls and it’s not that big a deal.”

Well, not exactly. compounds the error by saying this: "Kelvin Sampson violates the same rule and he gets called a sleaze. Coach K violates the same rule and people say the rule is wrong; actions are judged based on people’s reputation rather than their actions."

First of all, in Duke's case, the recruit actually placed the call.  In the second place, there is at least a gray area.  And in the third place, Kelvin Sampson placed more than 500 calls during a dead period while at Oklahoma, which landed OU on probation. After he moved to Indiana, he participated in conference calls to recruits and lied to the NCAA about it.

Anyone who equates those two things is not thinking.

Whatever happens, the rules may be changing anyway.

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