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More On Crittenton

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We figured there would be a number of articles like this one about Javaris Crittenton by now, but if there are, we haven't seen them.  Mike Wise steps back and looks at the whole mess with a lot of sorrow.  How could things have come to this pass?

Gilbert Arenas, the other party in the infamous Wizards' locker room gun incident, thinks Crittenton had a chance to clean things up after that but went more "gangster" instead.

On the plus side for Arenas: two months after that happened, Crittenton was looking for help with his mother's medical bills and Arenas, to his immense credit, obliged.  Not that he's a great guy necessarily. We'll come back to that in a minute.

More details: Crittenton was robbed on April 21st, losing over $55,000 in the bargain.

When Jullian Jones was shot, one of her companions was Trontavious Stephens, 18, who said this: "I didn't know him at all. I didn't know he existed and he didn't know I existed. I hadn't seen him a day in my life when he pulled up and started shooting."

Crittenton's attorney says that Crittenton wasn't in the car and will be exonerated.  He'll likely be arraigned in California tomorrow and depending on whether he waives extradition, should be back in Atlanta soon.

Okay, back to Gilbert Arenas.

He was kind of cast as a colorful character and an eccentric, and granted it's hard to understand people from a distance.  Still, we've had some things to go on. When he was cut from the Olympic team roster, a lot of people wondered why.  Then came the gun incident, any number of comments, the indulgence of a million dollar birthday party thrown for himself, and now a Twitter war with comedian Joe Mande, who has called Agent Zero out on a number of things, not least of all a large number of sexist pictures he's posted.

Who knows what axe Mande is grinding, but even for people a with high tolerance for gross humor, some of Arenas' stuff is over the top and definitely NSFW.  Consider yourself warned.  Here's the link.

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