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Latest From The UNC Front

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Julius Nyang'oro, who has caught flack lately for a) letting Marvin Austin take a 400 level course as a freshman enrolled in summer school when the university required him to take a remedial writing class in the fall (as one critic said: "You don't start at the senior level seminar and then work your way down to remedial writing") in which he got a B+, and then missing the rather blatant plagiarism of Michael McAdoo, is now under fire for allowing a sports agent to teach a class.

Carole Brown, a Wake Forest professor, says that a student-athlete could lose eligibility just by making contact.  Whatever you think of the rules, and there's plenty to criticize, it's a stupid risk to take.

For what it's worth, here are the comments on Nyang'oro on

  • 8/4/09
  • afri101
  • Good Quality
  • Easiness4
  • Helpfulness3
  • Clarity5
  • Rater Interest3

Not a stressful class at ALL. Alot of the learning you do on your own by reading, then in class you basically review while he adds his own details. You have to pick a country and learn everything you can about it and refer to it in all your papers and tests, which is easy but if you're lazy don't pick a well-known country, pick one like Seychelles.

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  • 4/16/09
  • AFRI101
  • Good Quality
  • Easiness5
  • Helpfulness4
  • Clarity4
  • Rater Interest3

Great instructor, he tries to make the class interesting and fun. Not exactly an easy A, but easy enough if you read the material.

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  • 6/18/07
  • afri40
  • Good Quality
  • Easiness2
  • Helpfulness5
  • Clarity4
  • Rater Interest5

i love him! he may not be the clearest teacher in the world, but he loves africa. he also talks too fast for you to take good notes, so write fast! an interest and some previous knowledge in the field of african studies is extremely useful...

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