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Things Getting Weird at Mississippi State

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Apparently D.J. Gardner,a Mississippi State freshman,  felt he had been misled when he was recruited and didn't appreciate it, so he tweeted this: "These b****** tried to f*** me over...That's y I red shirted..But I wish my homies a great a** season...I don't even know y I'm still here"

It may have been an inadvertently public tweet because it was gone very quickly.

So was he after coach Rick Stansbury caught wind of it.

Gary Parrish reacts thusly: "But too many student-athletes are stupid and only in college because they can dunk a basketball, sack a quarterback or turn double plays. So they say and do stupid things all the time, and social media has a way of exposing it to the world."

Well whatever. Hard to say how smart he is from a distance. We're more intrigued with what set him off and why he's angry than the fact that he admitted to it.

Apparently he felt that he was promised a certain level of playing time then found that he was in a three-way competition at shooting guard and asked to be redshirted.

Gardner's mother said she didn't like what he said -- “I don’t uphold my kid when he is wrong,” Angela Gardner told the Clarion Ledger. “I don’t like the tweets. It’s not acceptable to me but he was upset” -- but she also felt he had been lied to.

For his part, Stansbury came off like a schmuck, saying this: “I think the first time he ever lifted weights is when he got here in June, if you can imagine that."

Gracefully handled!

Aside from the bizarre situation with Renardo Sidney, Mississippi State has lost Elgin Bailey, Twany Beckham and John Riek since last year.

If you'll remember, Clemson pursued Stansbury when Oliver Purnell left.  We'd say they got lucky.

We'd also say that things are looking pretty dicey at Mississippi State.

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