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Suspensions For Miami Football

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Miami has suspended eight athletes -- apparently all football players -- and appealed for reinstatement.

We have to sympathize to some extent with the mother of linebacker Sean Spence, Crystal Spence, who said this upon learning of her son's suspension:

“If that’s the case we don’t agree with it. They shouldn’t penalize the students who are young and impressionable. What about the adults? From my understanding the president of the school and others have taken financial contributions [from Shapiro] and were allowed to return the funds. They didn’t lose their jobs or get suspended from work for a week or two weeks.

“Some students do make mistakes and I believe when you knowingly do wrong you should suffer the consequences. But I just don’t think the kids should take the fall for everything that has gone on when it’s at a higher level. If a person is hanging around the campus, if he’s allowed to run out of the Orange Bowl tunnel and if he has free access to the school, how are you supposed to know that this is a person you should not be associated with?”

We agree to some extent, but if Shapiro's stronger accusations hold water, then everyone presumably knows what they were doing was wrong and, in some cases, illegal.

Still, moms has a point here.

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