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Interesting Notes On The East Coast Earthquake

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We realize that you West Coasters smirked at the East Coast reaction to a very rare earthquake, but we invite you to consider your responses to a Cat 4 hurricane or a significant blizzard.  And you'd even get advance notice!

In fairness to D.C. folk, they more or less expect a terrorist attack and may well have run out of the buildings thinking they were getting one: wrong move for an earthquake; possibly smart for a terrorist attack.

But we digress.

This video is an extraordinarily cool representation of this week's earthquake.  It's amazing to see how far away it was detected.

Wondering how the animals reacted? The Smithsonian National Zoo took careful notes and it's pretty interesting.  They would've run out of the buildings if they had the chance, but generally speaking, would have done it before the quake actually hit.

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