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Devils In Dubai, Game At 1:30 EST

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After a 15-hour flight, the Devils are in Dubai where they'll take on the the United Arab Emiratis National Team Thursday afternoon.

We had realized that Ramadan is on, which means fasting until sundown, but we hadn't made the connection to the game: Duke waited until sundown to eat.

This seems unfair on the one hand, because you have a group of highly trained athletes who require not just good nutrition but to have it at predictable periods.

But on the other, Duke is not required to observe Ramadan when not in public and the opponents presumably are.  Duke will be heavily favored here, but food is an interesting variable: if they eat a normal training meal and the UAE team is required to abstain, it's virtually impossible to have a competitive game.  Duke will be way beyond them in every basketball sense, and if the better team eats while the lesser doesn't, it's going to be a blowout. It might be anyway, but this is an interesting intersection of many things.

The game is at 1:30 EST on ESPNU/ESPN3.

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