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What If You Build It And They Don't Come?

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Friday marks the start of the Longhorn Network, the kickoff if you will, but things aren't going as well as a lot of people had expected.

First, although Texas has a guarantee of just under $11 million per year, they've had trouble finding carriers. The big payoff will only come if ESPN gets $295 million.

In order to lure carriers, Texas, according to, is offering  one football game and eight basketball games.  High school football, a major lure for many Texans, was put out of bounds by an NCAA ruling.

Programming is really a pretty basic requirement.  Thing is, if they cut their conference partners in, they'd have plenty.  But then it wouldn't really be the Longhorn Network.

Obviously winning is critical - Texas was 5-7 last year - and you have to have something to sell.  That said: one game?  Seriously?

Maybe they can do reruns of the Darrell Royal era or something. Right now, it's just not offering much.

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