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Kelly Makes An Impression

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Like us, Gary Parrish was impressed by Ryan Kelly's performance in China this week.  Here's his take:

"[Duke fans should be] plenty excited, I guess, because Kelly really did look tremendous. The 6-foot-11 junior got 20 points in an efficient manner (9 of 11 from the field). He seemed poised on the court from start to finish, and that the performance came about a week after Mike Krzyzewski told local media Kelly could be set for a breakthrough season suggests this wasn't a so-called flash in the pan. But still, it's August. And it was an exhibition. And I'm always hesitant to project "breakthroughs" based on anything that happens in an August exhibition. So we'll have to wait and see whether this carries over into the regular season ... or even throughout the rest of this Chinese tour. But it's a good sign, absolutely. Certainly better than the alternative."

He also has some very positive comments about Austin Rivers.

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