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Georgetown-China Gets The NMA Treatment

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Perhaps the most interesting take on the Georgetown/Chinese brawl is from Taiwan-based NMA, the folks who like to use computer animation to poke fun at current events.  Take it for what it's worth, but the Chinese do not come off well in this.

Worth noting: the guy with the backpack is the new U.S ambassador, former Washington governor Gary Locke, who was photographed recently at an airport Starbucks purchasing coffee with the backpack on. This apparently amazed Chinese, who are not used to seeing powerful people do things like purchase their own beverages or carrying their own bags.  Simple acts can go a long way in diplomacy.

Speaking of the ambassador, this was forwarded to us and we understand it is from someone in the Embassy.  We cannot speak or write Chinese, as many of you noted when we tried to post in Chinese on the main page, so we can't comment on the translation from the video.  But if you can either confirm or tell us why it's not true we'd be interested in hearing it:

"What are perhaps the worst details about the Georgetown-Bayi incident have not been reported in the media. After the Hoyas left the court, the crowd started pelting the Georgetown alumni group traveling with the team with filled water bottles. Among them were several children, terrified and crying at the mob abuse. The group also beat a hasty retreat. And if you listen carefully to the audio of the numerous video clips that have been posted online of the incident, you can hear repeated catcalls and taunts from the crowd: "Hei gui!" ("Black Devils!") Ugly indeed, and a sad embarrassment for China."

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