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A Special Request From Grant Hill And Christian Laettner

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Dear Duke Basketball Fans:

We are working on a film project celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Duke's '91 & '92 NCAA Championships. We would be so grateful for your help in collecting video/film, photos, newspapers/magazine covers, posters, shirts/hats, and any other mementos for our film. We welcome any personal stories you would like to share from the 91/92 Duke Championship seasons, as well.

Please email us at with the following info byMonday, October 3rd.

  1. Item(s) type, condition, any other relevant details about item(s
  2. Briefly describe your connection to the Duke 91/92 (alum (include year), fan, faculty, etc)
  3. Briefly describe a special personal story or moment from 91/92.
  4. Contact information (phone, email, home/work address) - all items will be returned to you at no cost

Thanks for your help! Please stay tuned for updates.

Go Duke,

Grant Hill and Christian Laettner

Amy Unell and Madeleine Sackler

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