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More On The Georgetown/Chinese Brawl

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New video has emerged of the Georgetown/Bayi Rockets brawl, and while it's pretty clear that the Chinese player committed a flagrant foul, it's also clear that the Georgetown player should not have reacted as he did.  You really can't tell a whole lot from either video though. Unless you're right there and you see the conflict developing between players, you can never fully understand what happened.  And for that matter, different players are bound to see things in different ways.  It's just human nature.  Still, everyone is told: don't retaliate.

That said, it's also clear that punk behavior has been a problem in Chinese basketball for a while now (that the police, normally so diligent in China, did nothing was also astonishing).

John Thompson may have been aware of the history of violence in the CBA and with Chinese fans, who on at least one occasion attacked a bus.  This might explain why he got his team out of the building so quickly.

Duke's experience thus far has been pretty different, and Hawaii's was rapturous.

Georgetown is on the horns of a dilemma here, as they're scheduled to play the same team again Monday. A similar incident would be disastrous, but  never backing down is part of Georgetown's DNA. Perhaps they could get Vice President Biden to attend a second game.

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