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Latest Miami News - Bounties, Among Other Disgraces

Latest news from the Miami pigpen:  Nevin Shapiro says he put bounties on Tim Tebow and Chris Rix of Florida and Florida State.  Miami President Donna Shalala has responded with the sort of firm harumphing we've come to expect from university officials who have to go through this sort of thing (no comment on her willingness to take money from Shapiro after he tried to assault the university's compliance director; no word on when the compliance director relayed what he knew about Shapiro to higher-ups yet).  And in Missouri, there are at least some people who think the Tigers would be wise to at least have contingency plans for Frank Haith's replacement.  And Al Golden feels that Miami should have told him what he was getting himself into when, apparently, they knew full well what was coming.  No word yet from Jim Larranaga on whether he was informed or not.