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Devils In Shanghai, Play Starts Wednesday

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After quiet and long flight, the Blue Devils have arrived in Shanghai and will start competing on Wednesday.  They'll open with the Chinese Olympic team in Kunshan on Wednesday.  It'll be fun to see how everyone looks, not least of all Seth Curry.

Pos. # Name Age Height Club
PF 04 Ding Jinhui 19  6-8 Zhejiang Whirlwinds
PG 05 Liu Wei 30  6-3 Shanghai Sharks
PG 06 Zhang Qingpeng 25  6-3 Liaoning Dinosaurs
SG 07 Wang Shipeng 27  6-6 Guangdong Southern Tigers
SF 08 Zhu Fangyu 27  6-7 Guangdong Southern Tigers
SG 09 Sun Yue 24  6-9 Beijing Olympians
C 10 Zhang Zhaoxu 22  7-3 Shanghai Sharks
SG 11 Zhang Bo 21  6-6 Bayi Rockets
C 12 Tang Zhengdong 25  7-1 Jiangsu Dragons
PF 13 Li Xiaoxu 20  6-9 Liaoning Hunters
PF 14 Wang Zhizhi 33  7-1 Bayi Rockets
SF 15 Zhou Peng 20  6-9 Guangdong Southern Tigers

We don't know a whole lot about the Chinese team, but to judge by this, they're struggling right now.


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