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Shanghai Flight Delayed, Leaving Monday

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The flight to Shanghai (well, Anchorage first) has been delayed until Monday morning due to mechanical problems.

That'll make the first game tougher because the team won't get to rest as much and that's a heck of a flight. It's seven hours to Anchorage and then another nine or so to Shanghai.  Add in the unusually long legs of basketball players and it would be understandable if they deplane tired.  If we're the Chinese coach, we're factoring travel in our game plan.

Another disappointment:  the games will be broadcast, but only on ESPN3.  That's great for those who have access to it, but not everyone does. (Update: here's what we got wrong and why).

The first game will not be aired although a condensed version will be available on

  • 8/17 vs. Chinese Olympic Team
  • 8/18 vs. Chinese Olympic Team l Watch Live on ESPN3@ 08:00 AM
  • 8/22 vs. Chinese Olympic Team l Watch Live on ESPN3@ 08:00 AM
  • 8/25 vs. UAE National Team l Watch Live on ESPN3@ 1:30 PM

Is it us or does Miles Plumlee have a Clark Kent thing going on here?

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