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Where A&M, SEC Go From Here

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Expansion is off the table for now, but don't think that it's off for long.

Unless we miss our guess, this is what happened: between Texas politics, a potential Big 12 lawsuit and potential problems getting a 14th team to go along with Texas A&M, the SEC decided to hold off.

How long is another question.

The conference is not likely to invite Texas A&M without being asked first. A&M has suggested that that may take a couple of weeks if it indeed happens.  Or it could happen as early as Monday.

Once that happens, if the SEC opts to pursue an ACC team, that team has now passed the window for leaving without being penalized 75% of their TV revenue.  That works out to about $10 million, so it's no small hit.

Another school has come up as a potential #14: Louisville.

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