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Fun Rivers Mix Tape

We're really looking forward to watching Austin Rivers play.  Not just because of his considerable athletic talents, but more because he's one of those guys who understands where he is.  And by that we mean that he knows exactly what he has to do to get past someone or to lose someone, and that he knows precisely what he can get away with when he attacks the basket.  We're not really sure how great his vertical is frankly, but if you know the physics of how to roll the ball over someone's outstretched hand and right into the  hoop while you're running at the basket and they're running at you and forcing you to calculate the angle of your drop instantaneously - to us, that's always been a sign of near genius.  Some people would dismiss it as just what a jock does, but not many jocks can do it.  It's a pretty rare talent, and he's got it.