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More On Plagiarism At UNC

Here's more on Michael McAdoo's plagiarism case from the N&O, with the revelation, among other things, that a full 39% of the paper was lifted from other sources (actually it was more).  Much of the plagiarism was found by the Web site, leading UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp to lament, according to the N&O, that "he wished someone in the university had caught the plagiarism in McAdoo's paper before the Wolfpack fans did."

No kidding.

It's also worth asking why embarrassed the entire local media.  This was not brain surgery, and you can't say that it's because of cutbacks.  It's as simple as googling and using a site like  The N&O ultimately did use it, but only after basically being embarrassed into it.

It's also worth comparing the paper's reaction to the Valvano coverage after the Golenbock book vs. this. The outrage now is, well, pretty muted.