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SEC Expansion Blues

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The SEC has hit the same problems that the ACC hit with expansion, and really most conferences which beefed up for football:  it dilutes basketball.

The Big East can argue otherwise, but the bottom part of that league is an annual embarrassment.  You can't really call it competitive in that sense.

It'll be interesting to see how the PAC-10 handles it.

The SEC is going to abolish divisions in order to try to get more teams in the NCAA Tournament.

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Interestingly, they discussed going to as many as 22 league games.

Coach K has a different vision for the ACC, however.

Losing the round robin really cost both conferences.

But here we are at 12 and some obvious issues, so it calls for some creative thinking.

We'd like to see the ACC do something like maybe have three winter/holiday tournaments based on the old Big Four model.

The NC schools would have one, as would the northern and southern tiers.  The games wouldn't count as conference games (although they could), but they would generate some intensity for January and February, as well as building some conference karma.