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Very Curious News In The UNC Football Investigation

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It seems to us that this could potentially be a very big deal:  many of the UNC parking tickets are linked to license plates which are in turn linked to an auto dealer who is currently in prison for money laundering.

There were 12 players who were ticketed and they had 28 plates between them. Five involved multiple plates; Greg Little had seven by himself, including three different plates in three days.

The business (defunct) was 919 Imports.

This raises several interesting questions. First, what sort of money laundering was going on? Second, why did several UNC players get cars from this guy? Third, who knew? Specifically, who at UNC knew? Did anyone besides the players know?

Depending on what comes out, this has the potential to totally alter the investigation and could conceivably take it from the NCAA's relatively impotent investigation to subpoena land.

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