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Turgeon A Terp? Apparently So

According to Gary Parrish,  yes. We'll have more later, assuming it pans out this time, but here's what we like: first, much like Gary Williams, Turgeon is a self-made man. He'll fit right in Gary's shoes in that regard.  Second, he won at Texas A&M.  Third, he won at Texas A&M.  And fourth, he learned his craft from Larry Brown and Roy Williams.  We're not necessarily fans of either guy, but Brown is a superb teacher and tactician, and ol' Roy has done fairly well himself.

Good get by Maryland.  The only question we have is how he adjusts to East Coast recruiting.  If he can do that (and retaining one or two of Gary's assistants would be a very smart move),  he'll thrive at Maryland.

More to come.