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Maryland - The Search Continues

Maryland fans are probably about ready to step off the roller coaster about now: after being rejected by Sean Miller, Mike Brey, Jamie Dixon, Jay Wright and Brad Stevens, well, roller coaster doesn't begin to describe what that must be like.

And it's not even a week since Gary Williams retired.

The worst thing about all of this - and the best thing about the State search - was that it was all so public.  Now, if you somehow, say, got Tom Izzo or Rick Barnes to listen, he's sixth choice.

So where now?

There is a certain amount of anxiety among fans, which Len Elmore alluded to when the told the B-Sun "The ones who are panicking— I wonder if they're the same people who tried to throw Gary [Williams] under the bus over recruiting."

John Lucas is interested in exploring the possibilities.  [Sometimes posting at o-dark-hundred isn't the best thing to do.  Sorry.]

Mark Turgeon's name has come up, and he's an excellent coach, good basketball mind.  He'd have to recruit in a very different area, but that's what assistants are for.  They'd help him transition.

An interesting notion in the Sun: Don Markus says why not take the interim off of Rob Ehsan?

It'd be a big perception problem, but we're intrigued by what Markus says about Ehsan:

That Anderson named Ehsan to that position after Williams suddenly announced his retirement Thursday is an indication of the respect folks at Comcast Center -- particularly Williams -- has for a 28-year-old who graduated college in 2005. He quickly moved up the hierarchy of Williams' staff since joining it straight out of UC Davis, where he earned a degree in economics.

Ehsan has established himself as a future Division I coach, maybe even a coaching star. If you followed Maryland the past few years, Ehsan's presence on the sideline increased during timeouts and I'm sure in terms of practices and game preparation. Ehsan also was credited with signing a number of players, including Terrell Stoglin.

Who the heck knows? When UNC hired Dean Smith, there was at least some sentiment that he would help wind down the program after massive scandal hit. Didn't turn out that way, obviously.

It's interesting at any rate to know that there's someone on the staff who might get some consideration, and very cool that he's just 28.  The students would love him.