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Kobe vs. Michael, Revisited

The other day Phil Jackson said he thought Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were on about the same level.  We didn't agree, and here's why: Jordan would have never let his team get in the jam that the Fakers were in against the Mavericks, much less go down in Game Four with a distinct lack of fight. It's inconceivable.   If he had to hit 85 to win, he'd hit 85.

Moreover, he would have knocked heads together to get whatever happened to this team behind them.

Throughout his career, Kobe has had a reputation of being aloof and a difficult teammate.  Nobody would argue that Jordan was a saint - he irritated lots of his teammates, notably Horace Grant - but they knew that he was totally focused on winning, and when it was on the line, he came through.

You can't blame the whole mess on Kobe, but he's the leader.  He should've figured it out.