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Jordan Williams Gets An Agent

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No great surprise here, but Maryland's Jordan Williams has hired an agent and is staying in the draft.

We could be wrong of course, but it looks like a foolish decision.  He's potentially an NBA player, but not yet.  Look at the caliber of guys he'll have to deal with:  Kevin Garnett, DeMarcus Cousins, BlaKe Griffin, Joakim Noah, Amare Stoudemire, Kevin Love, Dirk Nowitzki, Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, Pau Gasol -- who can he guard on that list? And who on that list cannot guard him?

More time in school, more refinement, would help him immensely.  As it is, he looks like he'll be in the smoking leagues within a couple of years.

Perhaps unfortunately for young Williams, he has signed on with Andy Miller. No stranger to controversy, Miller was dinged by the NBPA for poaching a client from another agent, and his name has also popped up in the UCF mess.

One ethical question should be enough; two should set off alarms.  And we might not remember this -- we can't find it -- but it seems to us that Miller was implicated in something else in Florida several years ago.  Anyone remember that?

Also of note:  the greatest fans in the world, according to Gary Williams, have apparently turned on his former star. How so?  Well, look at this passage from the Post article linked above:

Williams could not be reached to comment, and his father said by text message that the family had decided not to comment after reading so many negative comments about their son’s decision to submit his name for the draft last month.

And by the way, when we have periodically made comments about the NBA lifestyle not being particularly healthy for young men, here's a good example of what we mean.

Don't get us wrong, Andray Blatche is an adult and can do whatever he wants.  But if you have a kid one or two years out of high school, is this what you want him around?  Is this anybody's idea of a healthy perspective on women?

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