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Ed O' Bannon Loses A Round In Court

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Two legal cases to follow:  first, former UCLA star Ed O' Bannon's case against EA Sports over licensing his image and likeness has been dismissed, with the judge ruling that EA Sports had no part in any conspiracy:

"This purported conspiracy involves Defendants' concerted action to require all current student-athletes to sign forms each year that purport to require each of them to relinquish all rights in perpetuity for use of their images, likenesses and/or names and to deny compensation 'through restrictions in the NCAA Bylaws.  The Consolidated Amended Complaint, however, does not contain any allegations to suggest that EA agreed to participate in this conspiracy."

The NCAA is not off the hook here: the case against them  (and the College Licensing Co.) will continue.

Meanwhile, on the football side of things, the feds are pushing for a playoff and suggesting an anti-trust case to nudge the BCS along.

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