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A Duke Band Worth Checking Out

A lot of times when we get a link to say a band or a book, it's okay but not that great.  So when we heard about a Duke-based band called Point Break, we figured it would be more of the same.

It's not.

The foursome (five counting a sax player now) are solid musically, and to judge by their website, have a heavy influence to ska.  It's about time ska made a comeback.  It's a very distinctive and cool form and their take on it is really good.  But there are other things in the mix as well.  These guys have some skill and some variety.

Plus - and this is somewhat unusual in college bands - the vocals fit great with the overall sound.

For anyone who is up for a good show, check them out.  They've got a good sound going on.  Also, they have several songs posted on their Web site with download options.