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Rodney Purvis Opens It Back Up

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In case you hadn't heard, Raleigh's Rodney Purvis has backed off of his commitment to Louisville after assistant Tim Fuller left to work for Frank Haith at Mizzou.  Purvis lists four main schools now -- Louisville, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina State, but there may be others.

Purvis's high school is just 15 minutes from State, about 25 for Duke, and 42 for UNC if they get involved.

Just a jaunt around the Triangle, but for Gottfried, it's a wide-open opportunity he can't ignore. Raleigh has cranked out a lot of players in recent years - Purvis, John Wall, David West and Shavlik Randolph among them - and getting a solid foothold in this backyard would be a boon for his program.

That said, there are greater opportunities 25 miles away.

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