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Expansion Blues

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The SEC is considering dropping divisions for basketball and as this article points out, the last three SEC West champs haven't even made the tournament.

In fact, of all the conferences that have expanded to accomodate football, we'd argue that all have paid a price in basketball.  The Big East has suffered the least, but their expansions were not entirely driven by football (Marquette and DePaul offer nothing in football, and Notre Dame could of course but chooses not to, while South Florida and soon enough TCU will slow down basketball as well).

Jim Calhoun, rightly in our view, believes that the Big East is essentially two conferences in one and that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Mike DeCourcy disagrees, but what happens when the Big Ten, with their walking around money from their cable network, calls on
Syracuse, Pitt and Rutgers?

Things change.

Speaking of the Big East, what about Ed DeChellis leaving Penn State for...Navy? What?

There are reasons for that, obviously, but still, it doesn't look good.

Incidentally, if he were further along, it'd be a great job for Greg Paulus, who could lift the Nittany Lions up a lot.

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