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Kyrie #1 Pick?

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Yes, the lottery was good to Kyrie Irving, as the Duke phenom is likely to go #1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He'll be joined by whoever the #4 pick is --  Enes Kanter, 6-10 Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas, possibly the extravagantly athletic Bismack Biyombo, or, if they really fall in the butter and Derrick Williams somehow slips, the guy who put on a Len Bias impression against Irving's team in the tournament this spring.

If they do get him, he'll presumably get some tutelage from incumbent Baron Davis.  He'll also have former State big man J.J. Hickson to pass to. And aside from Davis and former Tar Heel Antawn Jamison, it's a very young team.

Assuming both their picks work out, Cleveland should have a solid threesome at the very least to build around.

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