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P.J. Hairston Gets An Early Start In The Rivalry

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Well, this ought to stir things up:  P.J. Hairston has some things to say about Duke, two in particular.

First, that Duke couldn't get his name right when they mailed him.  Point taken, and we're betting that never happens again.

And second, that he didn't want to go to Duke "because they have a crazy system. It’s like mechanical."


The reason Duke is successful is because their system is anything but.  It tailors itself to whoever is on the team.  That's why anyone from Johnny Dawkins to Dan Meaghar to  Elton Brand to J.J. Redick to Brian Zoubek can become great at Duke.  That's the weirdest criticism we've ever heard.

But nice of him to keep the rivalry at a full boil.  See you soon, ace!

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