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Turgeon Charm Offensive Continues

No games are won in May, but Mark Turgeon continues to impress as a guy determined to make friends in a hurry - and that will help to win games later, not to mention fans now.

Count among their number Baltimore’s city council president Bernard C. “Jack” Young, a huge basketball fan and a major influence in Baltimore sports.

Young said that he found Turgeon "just amazing” and that "I found him to be a very likeable person, a straight shooter. I like people who are straight shooters. I look forward to working with him and helping him be successful here in Maryland.”

It appears that Turgeon will retain Bino Ranson, an assistant who has greatly impressed many people.  Keith Booth will probably not be so fortunate: the Maryland icon is soon to be unemployed, according to the Sun.  There was a time when this could have hugely wounded Maryland's efforts in Baltimore; no more. Turgeon's charm offensive is the equivalent of the West Coast offense.  It is a novel thing in Baltimore, where relations with College Park grew frosty after Bob Wade was fired, and where Gary Williams did not kiss the AAU's ring or anyone else's.