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C.J.'s Bad Day

CJ Leslie stepped in it Thursday when he made some anti-gay tweets. Among them:

“I’m not saying I hate gays but that’s sumthing that I would not wnt n my locker room….."

“John amaechi is to big to be gay…….#imjusssayin”

Amaechi was not amused and had the following comments on

“We should remind those that can’t resist spewing bigotry in 140 characters, that their right to speak exposes them to of right of balanced and educated people to rip their puny logic and hypocritical perspectives to pieces and call them out as ignorant. Did you know NC State has a 45% graduation rate for its basketball players?  You would think that would be a larger concern for their players – the vast majority of whom will never join me in pulling on an NBA jersey.”


Not much question who won that one.

Leslie has apologized and pulled down his tweets.